Josh Cope

Josh Cope headshotJosh Cope is a Quality Services Specialist at Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin.  He organizes and reviews donor records to evaluate them for eligibility.

When he’s not dancing, Josh is probably working, at the gym, or doing something outdoors. Camping, hiking, rock climbing, pick-up sports, heck, even a bar with a patio is enough to keep him happy. Traveling is his escape and he’s crossing his fingers that he’ll be able to make it to Europe this Fall for the real Oktoberfest. He also loves to read and find new music so if anyone has any good suggestions, he’s all ears.

Here is why Josh is dancing this year – “I work with several strong-willed women at LEBW, who all wanted me to dance…so I’m dancing! But seriously, I attended the Gala last year and thought it was an amazing experience. Hearing the first-hand stories of people touched by organ transplants was uplifting, and left me with renewed vigor for the work we do. Part of my role with LEBW is to listen to interviews with donor families, soon after their loved one passes, to learn more about the donor’s medical and social history. These are emotional family members still struggling with the reality that their loved one is gone. And somehow, they find strength to talk with us, finding solace in knowing their loved one’s gift can help another person. Weeks or months later, we often receive letters from those same family members, no longer sad or sorrowful, but grateful, even joyous knowing the gift of their loved one has so profoundly helped another person. Dancing in this competition gives me the chance to help raise money for an amazing organization that supports and celebrates those donors, and their brave families. It’s an honor to do anything I can to help.”

Josh will be performing the Cha-Cha to Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride.

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