Jamie Kothapalli

Jamie and partnerJamie Kothapalli, RN, BSN is the OPO Manager for the Wisconsin Donor Network. She is responsible for day to day operations and has a heavy focus on continuous improvement and staff development. Jamie has been in health care for over 13 years, starting her career as a pediatric ICU Nurse. In 2007, she began her career at the Wisconsin Donor Network as an Organ Procurement Coordinator. She shares, “I truly feel it is a privilege to work in the field of donation and to be a small part of the miracle of the gift of life.”

Jamie has 2 kids, an incredibly energetic 3 ½ year old son named Wyatt and a super sweet, always happy 1 year old daughter named Tess. They keep her very busy. She grew up in Menomonee Falls.

Jamie follows this mantra in her life – ‘”Make Yourself Proud – You Only Fail When You Stop Trying.”  Her dad died when she was 24 and one of the last things he told her was how proud he was of her and how he knew she was going to make an impact on this world. “At the end of the day I ask myself, what did I do to make him proud today, if I can’t think of anything I try harder the next day, no one is perfect.”

Jamie has never danced before and she shares, “Dancing is very much out of my comfort zone but I think of the strength and courage organ and tissue donor families have at the time of their loss to even consider donation. It drives me to do whatever I can to bring awareness to such an important cause.”

Jamie has often been described as small but mighty, so watch out fellow dancers.

She will be dancing to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.

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