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GivingTuesday - Gino's Story
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Though we may not have met in person, over the past few weeks, you may have read my stories about Anne Burroughs, Ron Walsh and Dee Dee Shipley.  These were people that I had the privilege of meeting as I was developing stories for our Giving Tuesday campaign.

I am Gino Scalise, a junior at Marquette University and a communications intern at the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin.

As my final story, I wanted to tell you about my time at the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin, which I will truly never forget as my first internship.

Each day I came to my internship and was surrounded by a polite and energetic team which includes Cindy (Huber) and Amanda (Pollock).

While I learned how to create Facebook posts and e-mails, my main job was to develop the 2016 #GivingTuesday campaign.

This assignment was so memorable because of the stories that I was able to share with people like you-friends of the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin.

I interviewed three phenomenal donors/recipients and learned about their stories of how they overcame the frequent and unpredictable ‘bumps in the road’.  I was inspired by their perseverance.

Hearing their stories of how much Cindy and The National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin impacted their lives, showed me just how valuable an organization can be.

One of the main things that I kept hearing was the network that the Foundation created.

The people that I talked with felt that they were surrounded by support from the NKFW which is something a lot of people look past when it comes to dealing with kidney failure.

I quickly understood how lucky I was to be an able-bodied person even though I had to deal with chest deformities in my early years.

I also realized that supporting this non-profit organization was the best way I could give back to people who are going through more difficult journeys than I am.

The NKFW offers great help to people in need and is always open to having volunteers for the many programs and events they offer throughout Wisconsin.

The NKFW also welcomes students from any field of study.  Anyone who interns here will get great experience in public relations, advertising and writing/communications skills.  I was fortunate to even get school credit.

I am truly grateful for my time with the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin and hope that others will take advantage of this phenomenal opportunity. Tell them Gino sent you!

HEY College students, parents or grandparents, CALL now to learn about Winter/Spring and Summer internships with the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin.
                        1-800-543-6393                      414-897-8669


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