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GivingTuesday - Anne's Story
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Donna (center) pictured with Anne and Jackson

Eleven years ago Donna Burdge was in need of a transplant to avoid dialysis as her kidney function was deteriorating. Searching for a donor, Donna’s daughter, Anne Burroughs discovered she was a match and decided to give her mother the ultimate gift of kindness, a healthy kidney.

Anne remembers the process. It was “a rollercoaster of emotions filled with peaks and valleys… it was a surreal experience…it didn’t sink in that I would be donating a kidney until the weekend before the transplant."

Looking back now, Anne would repeat the process knowing that she provided her mother with over eleven healthy years thanks to the life-saving operation.

Remembering the sense of isolation and loneliness that she and her mother experienced at times, Anne stated, “Sometimes when you’re going through an illness you can feel like the only one going through the process… But the National Kidney Foundation created a network of support”.

Her first seminar with the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin was an educational experience where she learned about treatment options and heard from others navigating through life with kidney disease.

The Foundation provided a sense of community which gave the two the opportunity to grow beyond kidney disease.

Donna, an artist, painted a picture that was used on the cover of a Living Donor Recognition event. [seen below]

When the kidney disease was first diagnosed, it was all that the mother and daughter focused on. However, with their brave spirit and support from the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin, the two had their lives back.

No one should feel alone in their health journey. During this time of thanks, donate to the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin to provide a helping hand to those who are in search of support.



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