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GivingTuesday - Ron and Laura
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Twenty-five years ago, Ron Walsh displayed the act of #Kindness by donating his kidney to his daughter, Laura.  She was six years old and only weighed 35 pounds when she underwent a kidney transplant operation.

Ron described the evaluation process leading up to the donation as an “anxious” time. However, on July 3, 1991 the life-saving kidney transplant operation was a success. Yet the donation did not end their troubles.


In fact, Laura caught a serious fever and almost lost her life about five months after the transplant. Ron describes the entire year after the transplant as a time of peaks and valleys.

After that year Ron and Laura have been able to experience amazing things together, including trips to Disney World and Pittsburgh attending the NKF U.S. Transplant Games. Ron says Laura was finally able to enjoy life as a normal teenage girl after the grueling process.

The pair first became involved with the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin in 2000. They were able to meet and hear stories from people going through similar situations and create a support network for themselves throughout Wisconsin.   

 “It’s nice that there is an organization like the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin for people to go to for help… They’re there to help people be aware.”

 Ron also described the Foundation as a resource for overall health, encouraging everyone to have a healthy lifestyle which is one of the definitions of the #Kindney campaign.

This Giving Tuesday, be sure to give to the #Kindney campaign to help the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin support people like Ron and Laura. Your gift can give others a sense of community so that no one feels alone in their #Kindney journey.


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