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Merle's Story
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His wife calls him “the king of denial,” but the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin knows him as Merle Steelman. He is a workaholic that retired this year and now spends his days as an enthusiastic volunteer at NKFW, fixing kinks as the “tech-guy.”  

Merle was sick for a long time before he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He was put on dialysis for two years, bringing some pain while in treatment, but doing “a world of good” as he continued to work, even bringing his laptop to the dialysis center.

Merle credits the information and education his dialysis social worker provided for helping him understand the cost and benefits of a transplant. He finally received a kidney transplant in October 2009 and has been doing well since.

“Everyone should be put in a one-week health insurance class” to help educate recipients on what is yet to come, Merle said.

Merle also praises the NKFW for what they did for him after becoming a kidney recipient, leading him to be an office volunteer.

“I got a lot of help initially – educational materials and programs,” Merle stated. “They have training for dialysis patients. I gained a lot from the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin.”

The advice for potential volunteers from Merle?

“If they are inclined to do so, they should definitely volunteer. This place is run on volunteers. They are masterful in always having something to do for people when they come in,” Merle said.

If you would like to volunteer for the NKFW, visit: . Honor Merle and have your own #NKFWGivingMoment this Giving Tuesday here: .

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