Living Well Before & After Transplant

LIVING WELL BEFORE & AFTER TRANSPLANT are meet-ups designed for transplant recipients and their families, along with patients currently on a transplant waiting list, to share experiences and information regarding the transplant process. Useful information and practical tips for staying healthy may also be presented. Learn More

The Dialysis Journey - Learning Together

The Dialysis Journey was the first, of what hopes to be, an annual half-day symposium on dialysis and vascular access for kidney patients, their family members and caregivers, along with the medical professionals involved in their care. It was presented through a partnership between the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Surgery. Learn More

Living Donor Information Program

The LIVING DONOR PROGRAM provides a variety of resources, either online or in person, for learning about the transplant process and/or about becoming a transplant donor. Learn More


The National Kidney Foundation’s most direct way of fighting kidney disease is their KEEP HEALTHY program. The program involves organizing screenings in local communities throughout Wisconsin that provide various simple tests to help with spotting early kidney problems. The screenings also offer opportunities to discuss the risk factors of kidney disease and to talk to various medical professionals about questions attendees might have related to the kidneys.  Learn More