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Spotlight on Life
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Congratulations to our winners!

Champion:  Fanny Delebecque
First Runner Up:  
Jamie Killian
Second Runner Up:  Spencer Holten

Heart & Soul Award:  Bailey Heiting
People's Choice:  Kathleen Sprenger

Check back soon for photos and the 2017 Virtual Yearbook!  You can still support Destination Donation - organ, tissue & eye donation - OR congratulate any dancer with your contribution now.   Click on their name below to donate.

Whether you're a lover of ballroom, hip-hop, salsa or swing, you won't want to miss a move at the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin's Spotlight on Life event. Each year, transplant and donation procurement professionals from throughout Wisconsin compete on the dance floor to promote organ, tissue, and eye donation and raise money for the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin's free supportive programs.

For more detailed instructions for using the BidPal voting site click here.

Other Awards

Heart and Soul Award
This award goes to the dancer whose participation throughout the competition has shown spirit and true dedication to organ, tissue, and eye donation as determined by the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin.


Step-by-step directions for using the BidPal website.

Voting is conducted before and during the event, through the use of the BidPal website. Whether you vote before and/or during the event, there are a few simple steps you must take to be able to vote - an account needs to be set up, and a credit card and a mobile phone number need to be designated for your voting/donating. You can vote as many times as you like and for as many dancers/organizations as you like.

The steps for setting up an account are as follows:
Go to the BidPal site at

Click on the Register button located on the right side within the orange menu bar. Fill in all of the information requested. The phone number must be a mobile number so that you can use your phone to place votes/donate the evening of the event. Then click “Save & Login”. You will be returned to the initial Welcome page.

You are currently logged in. Click on the Profile button that now appears in the upper right corner of the orange menu bar. Scroll down the page to Credit Card Information and click “Register Card”. Fill in the required information to designate the credit card you will be using to donate and vote. Then click “Save”.

You are now ready to cast your votes for the dancer and/or transplant or donation service provider of your choice. Start by hovering over the word Donate in the menu bar and then clicking on Money. Find the dancer or service provider you want to vote for, click on their name and start voting. Click on the amount you want to donate. Each $5 donated represents 1 vote. If you want to vote for another dancer or organization, simply use the previous item and next item buttons at the top of the voting window to find the dancer or organization of your choice.

Whenever you want to vote again, log in, hover over Donate and click on Money, select your desired dancer or service provider and vote again. 


2017 Event Supporters

Gift of Life Champions

Spotlight Producers




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